What is Shukubo

This next generation style shukubo (temple lodging) is located in the vicinity of Osaka Shitennoji Temple, an area packed with approximately 80 temples, which is rare even for Japan.

WAQOO Shitaderamachi was created as a “Japanese Space” into which is concentrated the history and culture of Japan and its temple and shrines in order to convey to those in the modern age the distinctive healing power held by what are called shukubo and also to revitalize Shitaderamachi together with the local inhabitants.

Please enjoy to your heart’s content staying and experiencing a shukubo and Japanese culture in this temple town surrounded by Osaka Shitennoji Temple, one of a kind location with a direct connect with Prince Shotoku.

Healing, Learning, Culture, Sightseeing, Lodging

What is "Shukubo"?

"Shukubo" means temple lodging, an accommodation for worshipers visiting temples and shrines.

Originally, it was a facility where only priests were allowed to stay, or a cathartic facility for pilgrims.
However, in recent years, more and more shukubo have been accepting tourists.
We can see that temple lodgings are open to general public as time goes on by enriching the facilities and services, providing culture and experiences of temples and shrines, etc.



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