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The word Shukubo refers to lodging facilities at temples and shrines. In the past, only priests and pilgrims were allowed to stay. In recent years, however, more and more Shukubo have been accepting tourists. Shukubo, which provide an experience different from daily life, are attractive locations for tourists. WAQOO Shitaderamachi carries on the spirit and role played by Shukubo by providing training workshops such as “Shakyo (sutra transcription)” and “Zazen (sitting meditation)” as well as Japanese cultural activities such as “Sado (tea ceremony)” and “O-ko (incense).”

Usage Hours

Check in
15:00 ~ 24:00
Check out
Front Desk Opening Hours
5:00~0:30 Details
Training Workshops
*Differs by plan. Details
Morning Religious Service
6:40 (Assemble at the Front Desk)

*The start times are set for activities such as Morning Religious Services and each of the trainings/cultural workshops, etc.
Please check the assembly times.
*WAQOO Shitaderamachi is a facility designed to provide the experience of a Shukubo (temple lodging). For the sake of those in the midst of this experience, please keep quiet within the facilities.

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