What is Asagongyo?
(Morning Religious Service)

Gongyo (religious service) is a Buddhist worship ceremony in which sutra are read to Buddha. It is also called o-tsutome.

The precise manners differ from religions and sects but try to calmly give a prayer while listening to the sutras read aloud.

At the temple lodging WAQOO Shitaderamachi, the staff will guide you to a nearby temple where you will participate in morning religious services. Please start your day mentally refreshed in the brisk early morning air.

Asagongyo at Aizendo Temple

Aizendo Shomanin Temple

Founded in 593. This temple, colloquially known as “Aizen-san,” is famous for the Aizen Festival, one of the three biggest festivals in Osaka. The principal image of Aizen Myoo is believed to bring luck in achieving a good marriage and in harmony between married couples.

This is a special service incorporating shomyo (chanted sutras) and goma (fire-offerings).

Receive blessings from the flowers scattered to commemorate Buddha.

At the Front Desk, we will provide you with the goma sticks that are to be burned.

*On the day of the workshop, we will provide you with “Asagongyo Guidelines,” so please be sure to read it prior to the workshop.

What is the Goma Ceremony?

Goma is an esoteric Buddhist ceremony. The name, which comes from Sanskrit, means “to burn an object.”

The ceremony is also called gomaku or gomakuyo.
In the ceremony, prayers are conducted by offering up the smoke from burning the offerings, such as goma sticks, to the gods in heaven.


Goma sticks

Goma sticks

At WAQOO Shitaderamachi, we conduct Morning Religious Services that specially incorporate goma, so please be sure to participate.

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