About Shabutsu
(tracing a Buddhist image)

This training is a way of deepening your studies by drawing images of Buddha.

It is said to have originated as a way to spread teachings of Buddha to the masses as a replacement for difficult sutras.

It is also recommended as a way to improve concentration and refresh yourself when fatigued.

The Important Points of Shabutsu

At WAQOO Shitaderamachi, we provide original Shabutsu images in collaboration with the temple culture community “Felissimo Oterabu.”

The motif is based on Aizenmyoo, famous as a matchmaker and worshiped at the nearby Aizendo Shomanin Temple. As the images are postcard-size, even children can enjoy them.

We provide calligraphy pens, chosen with particular attention to the way it feels when writing, in a traditional Japanese color based on the Buddhist motif. After the workshop, you may take the calligraphy pen and the tracing home with you.

*On the day of the workshop, we will provide you with “Shabutsu Guidelines,” so please be sure to read it prior to the workshop.

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