About Zazen
(sitting meditation)

Zazen is a form of training in which you regulate your posture and breath (harmonize your posture and your breath) while in a seated position and attempt to achieve oneness of mind (harmonize your mind).

When conducting Zazen, your breathing becomes deep and still as the frequency of your breaths reduces to half that of normal.

It is said that reducing the frequency of your breaths relaxes your body and mind, and causes the secretion of serotonin, which produces healing alpha waves and motivation.

  • Harmonizing the Mind
  • Harmonizing the Breath
  • Harmonizing the Posture

Please be sure to experience Zazen at WAQOO Shitaderamachi where you will feel the strain and stress of your daily life fade away by correcting your posture, concentrating on your breathing and creating a “time of becoming nothing.”

Zazen at WAQOO

<Instruction from a Priest>

Thorough instruction regarding authentic Zazen is provided by a priest visiting from a nearby temple.

<Warm Meditation Cushions>

We use Zen meditation cushions from Feel the Zen, which sells Zen related products under the concept of “bringing Zen into your daily life.”*

<A Solemn Atmosphere>

Inside the facility, we have created an atmosphere of “WAQOO,” which means a solemn Japanese space. Please experience a time of quiet nothingness, while in the midst of a large city.

※ *On the day of the workshop, we will provide you with “Zazen Guidelines,” so please be sure to read it prior to the workshop.
※ As styles of Zazen differ from religions and sects, there are occasion in which we do not use Zen meditation cushions.

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