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Special benefits only available to WAQOO members

In addition to point benefits, we offer other special benefits that are only available at WAQOO.
WAQOO Horyuji is scheduled to open in 2019 and the advantages of WAQOO membership will continue to expand in the future, so please be sure to register!

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  • Benefit No. 1Reward points equal to5% of your payment amount!*1

    We present guest with points equal to 5% of the payment amount.
    These points are usable at a 1 point/¥1 ratio to pay for lodging, workshop events, drinks, etc. the next time you visit a WAQOO Group hotel.

  • Benefit No. 2Discounts at any time!Secret members-only plan!*2

    This secret plan provides discounts at any time but is only accessible to WAQOO members. We will send you information on the plan by e-mail after lodging or participation in a workshop.

Benefit No. 3Accrue points
and enjoy shopping!

Accrued points can be used when purchasing goods at WAQOO Shitaderamachi at a 1 point/¥1 ratio.
At our shop, we offer a variety of goods, including the following.

  • Buddhist Image Tracing (Aizen) Set

    864ptBuddhist Image Tracing (Aizen) Set

  • Chabashira Engicha (Lucky Green Tea 6 pouches)

    1620ptChabashira Engicha
    (Lucky Green Tea 6 pouches)

  • Universal Cloth Wrapper

    1620ptUniversal Cloth Wrapper

  • Kimono Style Bottle Cover

    3024ptKimono Style Bottle Cover

  • Prayer Beads (for men)

    3780ptPrayer Beads (for men)

  • Samue (working clothes for monks)

    4320ptSamue (working clothes for monks)

*Available items may change.

We distribute an e-zine that contains members-only discount plans as well as the latest information on lodging and events!*3

  1. *1: Points accrued at time of use
    • ・Points are provided two days after checking out.
    • ・No points are provided for canceled reservations.
    • ・For use only when making reservations through the WAQOO Shitaderamachi official website.
  2. *2: Secret plan
    • ・After lodging or participation in a workshop, we will send you the URL for the secret plan by e-mail. Please be aware that we will be unable to resend the URL or e-mail.
  3. *3: E-mail magazine distribution
    • ・The magazine is only sent to those who check “I wish to receive the email magazine from WAQOO Shitaderamachi.” in the e-mail address box on “Change Account Information” page.

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