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The word Shukubo refers to lodging facilities at temples and shrines. In the past, only priests and pilgrims were allowed to stay. In recent years, however, more and more Shukubo have been accepting tourists. Shukubo, which provide an experience different from daily life, are attractive locations for tourists. WAQOO Shitaderamachi carries on the spirit and role played by Shukubo by providing training workshops such as “Shakyo (sutra transcription)” and “Zazen (sitting meditation)” as well as Japanese cultural activities such as “Sado (tea ceremony)” and “O-ko (incense).”

At WAQOO Shitaderamachi

As a new-generation Shukubo, in addition to lodging, we also serve the role of a place where guests can have a variety of experiences. Please feel free to come even if you are not lodging with us.

  • Zazen (sitting meditation)
  • Shakyo (sutra transcription)
  • Shabutsu (tracing a Buddhist image)
  • Shojin-ryori (Buddhist Cuisine)
  • Morning Religious Service

Fulfilling Time

This is the kind of fulfilling time you can have with our plans that include a one-night stay, two-meals and training workshops!


15:00 - Check in

The moment you enter the hotel, you are greeted by the soft fragrance of incense. Staff members select the day’s incense with the faces of the guests in mind. We hope that the relaxing fragrances relieve the fatigue of your trip.
Check-in is from 15:00 to 24:00. You can leave your luggage with us before check-in as well!


16:30 – Walk / Find a place to watch the setting sun

If you have time before dinner, be sure to take a walk in the neighborhood. During this time, we recommend finding a spot to watch the setting sun. The view of the setting sun is so beautiful in this area that the local station, Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka Station, has the word “yuhi (the setting sun)” in its name! You also have a clear view of Abeno HARUKAS, the tallest building in Japan, turning red.
Please let the bright red scene, unique to that moment on that day, imprint itself on your eye.

MAP of surrounding areas

18:00 - Dinner / Shojin-ryori (Buddhist Cuisine)

For dinner, we provide Buddhist cuisine produced by a Kyoto-style Kaiseki restaurant named “Wakoan.” When you imagine Buddhist cuisine, don’t you think of no meat or fish, simple tastes and small portions? With all due respect, we just might overturn all of your worries. While each dish in the Buddhist cuisine at WAQOO Shitaderamachi is well-crafted, flavorful and healthy, the dishes are also quite hearty in volume! Flour-based dishes, a local Osaka Specialty, are also delicious, but here, please be sure to enjoy Buddhist cuisine befitting a Shukubo.

Shojin-ryori (Buddhist Cuisine)

19:30 - Time to relax in your room

After dinner, please relax in your room. We provide comfortable samue (Zen garments) and cute thong room sandals. We recommend participating in the evening training workshops (Shakyo, Shabutsu, Zazen, etc.) in the loose-fitting samue as you will be sitting with your leg bent under you in the seiza style.
(We secretly – or rather openly – sell samue and room sandals at the front desk. Why not take some home as souvenirs for your home or gifts for your family?)

Facilities · Rooms

20:30 - Mini Training Workshop

This training workshop is so important that it is not an exaggeration to say that, without it, you cannot enjoy the true charm of a Shukubo! At WAQOO Shitaderamachi, we provide a variety of workshops depending on the day, including Shakyo, Shabutsu, Zazen, etc. The training is not hard, so it is okay to take it easy your first time.
Feel free to start these mini training sessions with a light heart – just to see what it’s like or just to concentrate on something to forget troubles, etc.

Shukubo (temple lodging) Experience

24:00 - Bed Time / Good Night

All rooms are equipped with beds. These are low, wide type beds befitting a Japanese style room, so they are safe and comfortable even for children and elderly guests. Please rest and commit to memory the events of your fulfilling day.
(*You are free to exit at any time 24 hours a day. Entering or exiting the front entrance requires a card key.)


7:00 - Morning Religious Services / Prayer

Wake up somewhat early in the morning and head to the temple while breathing in the refreshing, crisp air. The Morning Religious Service is one of the mini training sessions. At Aizendo Shomanin Temple, which brings luck in matchmaking and marriage, it is possible to participate in prayers and Buddhist stick-burning rites (the flames rise inside the main hall!), which are not open to the general public. You can begin your new day burning away the haziness in your heart!

Morning Religious Service

8:00 - Breakfast / Kichien Porridge

The “Kichien porridge” we prepare for breakfast has a little secret! It is, in fact, made using rice that was blessed together with the guests during the Morning Religious Service at Aizendo Shomanin Temple.
If you participate in the Morning Religious Service, please notice the rice bags placed atop the main hall. Those bags contain rice being blessed to bring you good luck.

Shojin-ryori (Buddhist Cuisine)

~10:00 - Check Out

Check out reception is open until 10:00.
The large red oil-paper umbrella in front of the Front Desk is a nice photo spot. For souvenirs and gifts, please consider hand cream with the fragrance of incense or a Shabutsu (tracing a Buddhist image) set. We want you to be able to enjoy the Japanese way of life at your own home while reliving the memories of your trip.
~Thank you for staying with us~


10:00 - You are off with a Tour Guide

There is actually still fun to be had after checking out.
There are many historical locations in the area, including Shitennoji Temple, which is connected with Prince Shotoku, Yasui Tenmangu Shrine, which is said to be the site of Sanada Yukimura’s death, and more. If you are interested, you can leave your luggage with us and leisurely search through history. With prior reservation, you can participate in a history tour with a guide thoroughly knowledgeable in nearby spots.
~We wish you well~

MAP of surrounding areas

Usage Hours

Check in
15:00 ~ 24:00
Check out
Front Desk Opening Hours
5:00~0:30 Details
Training Workshops
20:30~ *Differs by plan. Details
Morning Religious Service
6:40 (Assemble at the Front Desk) Details

*The start times are set for activities such as Morning Religious Services and each of the trainings/cultural workshops, etc.
Please check the assembly times.
*WAQOO Shitaderamachi is a facility designed to provide the experience of a Shukubo (temple lodging). For the sake of those in the midst of this experience, please keep quiet within the facilities.

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